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3 Leverage Hacks To Grow Your Business Faster



A lot of people really love those cooking and life hacks that get posted on social every day. Much of the content on the web today seems to be comprised of neat little hacks showing how to do something in a more-fun way.

That kind of content gets shared around like crazy.  Stuff like this:

That video has over 16 MILLION views. Yeah, people seem to love watching people being efficient, smart, creative, and doing fun stuff.

There are zillions of life hack videos on YouTube. It never seems to get old according to the hundreds of millions of views they get collectively.

I wondered if there were other videos like this in the business world so I searched “business hacks” and came up with, well, not so much. The search returned more life hack videos like the one above and what was left was self-promotional and hardly viewed stuff.

As you know if you’ve read the Leverage Black Book, we have a lot of “hacks” for business and life that lead to a more balanced and profitable business environment. I’m left wondering how we can start turning them into colorful, playful videos that get the same response from business owners as hack videos showing 10 ways to take off a bottle cap without a bottle opener.  Hmmm…

Barring that, here are 3 Leverage Hacks you can use to grow your business faster than you’re doing it now:

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Leverage Hack #1:  Take Imperfect Action!


-Winners Take Imperfect Action While Losers Are Still Perfecting The Plan.-

In almost every chapter of The Leverage Black Book, Gina and I remind readers to take imperfect action. You get a lot further in life and business if you do whatever it takes to move the ball down the field than when you constantly stick yourself in planning mode. Perfectionists need not apply!

If you have something to say, share, or give, then get out there and share it, even if some things about the “How” aren’t to your liking. In a perfect world we’d get all the time we need to get things just right before we launch, mail, post, appear, record, share, call, answer, broadcast, or blog.

Well this world we live in wasn’t designed for things to be perfect before we take the next step. It’s kinda cool in that way because it frees us up to “be” more than “do.” And being gets more results, hands down.

What can you do today that just puts something “out there” before something else you’d normally wait to be done was…done?

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Leverage Hack #2: Stage Dive Into Someone Else’s Audience



Several people in your niche have painstakingly created large audiences full of people who need to hear about what you’re doing. You know they’d love it if they did!

There are several ways people put audiences together and maintain their rapt attention. They have Facebook pages and groups, they do podcasts, they do videos and blog posts. There are a lot of tools they use that could feature YOU in the near future if you figure out how to bring value to the authority or Thought Leader who’s leading their tribe.

In Chapter 4 of The Leverage Black Book, you’ll learn all about how to hack authority and point powerful attention in your direction from large, established crowds in your niche.

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Leverage Hack #3: Be Seen – Be Expert – Be Helpful


be seen

Use whistling camel pics to make sure no one forgets the point you’re making! Just kidding. (Or am I?)

leverage-black-bookA really useful hack to leverage a lot of attention is to stage dive into conversations on social that are going to be popular. What I mean by that is, participate, be helpful, and be seen by all the commenters to come by jumping into a popular-conversation-to-be, before everyone else has their chance to comment.

How many times do you see a very popular person or organization post something that hasn’t got many (or any) comments yet? You just hit the attention lottery if that place or person is someone who attracts your perfect audience!

Make a brilliant, insightful comment that shows off your wit, or expertise, or both and sit back and wait for all the commenters to come – who will all see your comment first.

Sub-Hack #1:

Do it as your Facebook Page instead of as yourself from time to time and get more likes from big audiences who’d otherwise never know you exist.  Works like gangbusters.

Sub Hack #2:

Do this in Facebook groups and other social sites where people are concentrated around a topic, thread, or other content. Make sure you are posting something that serves while it makes people curious enough about you to look you up and find out more about you (and your business, product, or service!)

I don’t even want to say this, but feel like I have to: Do not spam. Just be interesting and trust that people will follow you and look you up, or check out your page and “like” it on their own without being pushed. (Because they won’t and you’ll get utterly ignored or flamed.)

What else can you do right now, today, to hack together a leverage play that accomplishes more for you and your business than a one-to-one action ever could?

Have fun with your God-like powers to move crowds without the time or effort others spend to accomplish the same thing!

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