September 6

Caren Glasser Leveraging Digital Assets For Great Exposure

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For the last twenty-five years Caren has dedicated her personal and professional life to communicating and connecting with people. In the early 90’s she was a children’s rock and roll singer, signed with Rhino Records. She traveled the country singing songs of self-esteem.  That experience culminated with a concert at Carnegie hall.  She has 8 CD’s to her name including “Voice of Hope” which is a collection of spiritual songs to move you through the many experiences in life.  During that same time she owned a creative arts company that provided arts programming for the public and private schools sector in Los Angeles. 

She is the author of 4 books, and the host of The Passion Point, an internet TV show. Today, as the co-founder of Spark It Network, she focuses on helping businesses create and leverage digital assets so that they can get found on the internet.

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