May 19

Mastering Business Leverage to Quadruple your Results


I was recently a guest on a great hangout by Virginia Parsons called the Inspirational Business Women Show.  

I love how Virginia integrates Facebook Live, Hangouts, and Blab to create a much more immersive experience for her viewers while attracting a lot more viewers from different platforms for the same show.

We also did a Blab after show you can check out as well. (Chock full of tech difficulties for a nice look at what can happen when technology tries to mess with you. Start at the 5:00 mark to skip to the content.)

Show Notes

Are you in business overwhelm and seeking balance in your life? Imagine doing what you had planned over the next 12 months in just 12 weeks? It’s all about mastering leverage. In this special “brother entrepreneur” edition, we are focusing on *Business Leverage: how to put the lifestyle back in your life* featuring Associate Dean of Directions University, Jack Humphrey. He recently published The Leverage Black Book to put your business in high gear quickly.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

1. Integration Marketing: Leveraged Joint Ventures

2. Leveraging other People’s Audiences

3. The Power of Service for Leverage


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