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New from Jack Humphrey (The Web Bender) and Gina Gaudio-Graves (The JV Queen)…


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“What if you could do what you had planned for the next 12 months in just 12 weeks?”

The Answer is Inside The Leverage Black Book…


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the leverage black book

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As Seen On:

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joint venture summit

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jackginatranspAiring Tuesdays at 12 pm Eastern, Leverage Masters dives deep on leverage, influence, and attention strategies with guests who are at the top of their games. Subscribe on iTunes to keep up on the latest from The Leveragists on Leverage Masters Podcast!

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Latest Leverage Masters Show

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Featured Guests

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Joel Comm

Joel is a New York Times Best-selling author – focused on marketing, social media and online business.

Listen in…

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Natalie Ledwell

Co-Founder of Mind Movies, host of The inspiration show & WakeUp! sharing her unique and powerful vision for YOUR best life.

Listen in…

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Ryan Levesque

Author of “Ask,” Ryan is a marketing expert in countless media including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, and many others.

Listen in…

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Matt Bacak

Master marketer, Matt is the Owner of InfoSoft360, Founder of The Profit Coalition and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Listen in…

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Latest Episodes

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Alice Seba

With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and sales, for over a decade, Alice Seba has been helping online business owners and writers get more results from their content.

Listen in…

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Denise O’Brien

Denise O’Brien, Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, is an international speaker, event producer, film producer, author, publicist, and mistress of ceremonies.

Listen in…

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Lawrence Clark

Lawrence J. Clark is a Persuasive Language and Sales Psychology Expert, Sales and Speaking Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Coach, Poet and Singer-Songwriter.  

Listen in…

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Howard Tiano

Howard Tiano shares how to outsource successfully on Leverage Masters Radio. Howard started his career as a professional musician and photographer, and then focused several years on music and songwriting.

Listen in…


Popular Episodes

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Amy Porterfield

Amy worked with Tony Robbins where for 6 years she oversaw his content development team and collaborated on multiple online marketing campaigns. Amy currently teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage social media to gain greater exposure.

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Colin Theriot

Cult leader at the popular copywriting group on Facebook “The Cult of Copy,” Colin is a man on a mission when it comes to leveraging everything at his disposal to get really big results with the least amount if time and effort in his business.

Listen in…

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EBR e-brian-rose

E. Brian Rose

E. Brian Rose is an expert in the art of self promotion. He is the founder of JVZoo, one of the world’s largest affiliate networks, and teaches thousands of students how to grow an online following. Rose has authored two books, Millionaire Within and Expert Fame.

Listen in…

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Mark Joyner

Serial entrepreneur with 30+ startups under his belt.  Widely recognized as the “father of online marketing” for his pioneering work in the early days of the Internet. Several of his books were #1 best-sellers.  Including …  The Irresistible Offer, Integration Marketing,The Great Formula, and more. Listen in…

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Listen on


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Remember: The best place to start to change the trajectory of your business and how fast you can get to the finish line is “The Leverage Black Book.” Click the button to the right and get your free copy of Jack Humphrey’s and Gina Gaudio-Graves’ latest book!

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jack humphrey and gina gaudio-graves


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