“Here’s Your Chance to Get A  Private Leverage Session With Jack or Gina So We Can Find The Gaps In Your Business, Fill Them With Leverage, And Accelerate Your Business!”

Are you ready to finally achieve success beyond your wildest dreams and Make This Year Your Best Year Ever? 


We’ll show you everything we know about Finding The Leverage “Gaps” In Your Business, Learning How To Fill Them With Leverage, and Speeding Up The Time Between Today and Your Biggest Goal for Your Business! And in short — Achieve More, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible in your life and your business!

The Leveragists is about helping you to inject more leverage into their life and business; showing you how to do more and move faster toward your goals; and guiding you to become a true Leveragist!

In the next month, Jack and Gina will be working hand in hand with people to change their futures the way ours have been changed and the same way that our clients’ lives have been changed.

The Leveragists will literally…

  • Help You Learn What You REALLY Want and Show You How to Define the most important things for YOU!
  • Show you how your current plan can be sped up immensely with leverage plays to replace any or all of the hard work you don’t need to do to achieve your biggest goals for your business and your life FASTER!
  • Help You to Create a Purposeful, Productive Plan for ACTION!
  • Help You Set up Your Complete Marketing Plan and Sales Funnel to Maximize Your Profitability
  • Show You How to PROMOTE Your Offer to THOUSANDS of Hungry Prospects Who Want the Solutions That You Provide For Them!
  • And many, MANY more exact Strategies that we personally use to build Six Figure Weeks and Seven Figure Months for myself and my clients (people such as Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russell Brunson, David Garfinkel, Tom Bell, John Reel, and dozens of others).

Are you ready to experience bigger results than ever before in your life and business? Are you ready to achieve ALL of your dreams?

Stop dreaming and start DOING!

Register for Your Leverage Session form below. You will be scheduled for a private session with Gina or Jack, included as part of your membership here at The Leveragists!

Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to have your business checked out by a professional Leveragist!

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NOTE:  If you’ve purchased the Leverage Master Class, you are entitled to a COMPLIMENTARY Leverage Session!  Just login to your account here on TheLeveragists.com and then refresh this page. You should then be able to claim your FREE Leverage Session!

If you’d like to save $100 on your Leverage Session, purchase the Leverage Master Class today! *

* Applies to first time purchasers only!  If you’ve already purchased the Leverage Master Class and received your complimentary Leverage Session, then you will have to purchase additional sessions at the $197 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) WHAT IS THE LEVERAGISTS?  TheLeveragists.com is an Education and Training company that helps entrepreneurs get more leverage in their business so they can enjoy a better lifestyle.  TheLeveragists.com has several core programs:

a)  Motivation to Profit

b)  Leverage Master Class

c)  Elite Leverage Mastermind

2)  WHAT IS DIRECTIONS UNIVERSITY?  DirectionsUniversity.com is a sister site to TheLeveragists.com.  As an Educational and Training company, DU helps entrepreneurs in 4 areas:

a) Get direction for your life b) Get direction for your business c) Learn to give direction to your customers and prospects d) Impact the direction of the world!

Through the DU Courses and Mentoring Programs, you will explore and implement the 5 core systems that every business needs. These include:

* Mindset (including time management, goal setting, Law of Attraction, Positivity, and more!)

* Relationship Building (including the importance of blogging, talking WITH people instead of AT people, social media, and understanding the Levels of Awareness your prospects are at)

* Monetization (including planning where your money comes from, figuring out what you will sell to generate leads and what you will sell to generate profits, as well as how you will drive traffic from the RIGHT audience, getting them into your Profit Funnel and getting them to ascend through EVERYTHING you have to offer)

* Leverage (including Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances, web bending strategies that let you tap into other people’s resources to get the results you want, and more)

* Lead Generation (including traffic strategies, list building strategies, social media, Search Engine Optimization, webinars and video marketing)



Gina Gaudio-Graves (“The JV Queen”) Gina is the co-creator of TheLeveragists.com Courses and is also the Dean & Founder of DirectionsUniversity.com, our sister site.  You can learn more about Gina at www.askggg.com/wheresgina and www.askggg.com/miracle

Jack Humphrey (Author, “Bending the Web”, and Founder, CAST Membership) is the co-creator of TheLeveragists.com Courses and is also the Associate Dean of DirectionsUniversity.com, our sister site.   Jack is a 15-year veteran webpreneur, author, coach and consultant specializing in marketing plan implementation, blog marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media leverage strategy.



Depending upon where you are at in your business, we may recommend one of the programs offered by TheLeveragists.com or we may even recommend one of the Programs offered by DirectionsUniversity.com.  If your business is making less than $50,000 per year, more than likely you’ll be a candidate for either Motivation to Profit or the DU Bachelor’s Program.  If you’re making more than $50,000 per year, you’ll more than likely qualify for an invitation to the Elite Leverage Mastermind.

You’ll find an overview of most of the courses offered by DU at: www.DirectionsU.com/resources

If you are a candidate for the DU Bachelor’s Program, included with your tuition is LIFETIME Access to:

* Motivation to Profit Membership (formerly the 30-Day IM Challenge) – includes a weekly “Hug Seat” Call that takes place on Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm eastern – www.askggg.com/mtp – $497/year or $47/month

* Miracle Motivation Package www.AbundantPositivity.com – $37 retail

* 21 Days to Blogging Profits www.askggg.com/21Days – $47 retail

* Giveaway Secrets of The JV Queenwww.askggg.com/secrets – $37 retail

* Secret Confessions of The JV Queen www.askggg.com/confessions – $67 retail

* BBQ Marketing www.askggg.com/bbq – $37 retail

* Mindset Systems Workshopwww.askggg.com/mindset – $247 retail

* Content Marketing Master Class & Blog Systems Workshop 1, 2, and 3www.askggg.com/bsw3 and www.askggg.com/bsw2 – $247 for each of them retail – $247 retail

* Traffic Systems Workshop  & Strategic Social Media Workshowww.askggg.com/trafficcall & www.askggg.com/socialplay – each is $247 retail (total of $494 retail)

* Joint Venture Systems Workshop 1 & 2www.askggg.com/jvw2 – $247 retail

* Passion to Profits – a 12 week course that is a high level overview of the 5 core systems that every business needs. Each week of the 11 week course contains a written overview, an audio & a video recording 2 to 2/12 hours long, checklists, flowcharts and other resources, and assignments that help you to build your business one step at a time! – www.askggg.com/p2p – $397 retail

* 52 weeks worth of lessons in the DU Bachelor’s Program – Each one contains a written overview, 2 or 3 recordings each 1 to 2 hours long (some in mp3 audio format, some in mp4 video format depending upon the topic), checklists, flowcharts and other resources, and assignments that help you to build your business one step at a time over the course of a year! – www.askggg.com/bachelors

* 52 weeks of LIVE Group  Calls – Group Q&A Calls take place on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm eastern and Group Focus Calls take place on Wednesdays at 11am eastern. Each Q&A call starts the same way: “What do YOU want to talk about today?” This gives each Student an opportunity to get 1 on 1 assistance in a group setting every single call! It also gives all Students an opportunity to network with one another. Often, fantastic joint ventures come out of these calls!  With Focus Calls, the topic changes every week as does the leader(s) of the call.  The current schedule is as follows:

1st Wednesday – Story Telling, Story Leverage with David Bullock & Faculty 2nd Wednesday – Vortex & Profit Funnel with Gina & Jack 3rd Wednesday – Traffic & Lead Generation with Ross Goldberg & Faculty 4th Wednesday – Leverage (including Serving & Social Entrepreneurship) with Gina & Jack & Faculty 5th Wednesday – Mindset with Chief Robert & Terri TallTree

* A PRIVATE Google+ Community and a PRIVATE Facebook Community where you can get help between calls, get to know other like minded entrepreneurs also building a business using the same system you will be, and more!

TOTAL RETAIL PRICE of all Courses Included in the DU Bachelor’s Program: $4,704 (PLUS the value of the materials in the DU Bachelor’s Program)


5) WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS? Graduates of the DU Bachelor Program include:

* Chief Robert & Terri TallTree, Founders of www.HowToLiveOnPurpose.com

Robert & Terri had only a start of a website when they joined DirectionsU. They had no products, no courses, no way of driving traffic, no way of making money.

Today, they are extremely successful entrepreneurs who help people to find their purpose and passion, and then align their Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion using the teachings of their Native American Elders. In 2013, their 6-figure business has touched the lives of THOUSANDS of people in more than 35+ countries.

* Dr. Ina Gilmore, Founder of www.CaregivingWithPurpose.com & www.TheKnittingYarn.com

When Dr. Ina first joined the Bachelor Program, her website at TheKnittingYarn.com was already setup. But, it wasn’t getting any traffic. And, it’s only way of making money was selling patterns for less than $5 to $7.

Today, Ina has a line of courses that support Caregivers of all types that range from $19.95 per month all the way through a $4,000 coaching program.

In both 2012 and 2013, Dr. Ina’s site has been named one of the Top 25 Alzheimer’s Blogs on the internet. Her site was also named one of the Top 20 Health Blogs of 2012. In 2014, Healthlines will be sponsoring Dr. Ina’s “Thriving As an Alzheimer’s Caregiver” Telesummit through which she plans to touch the lives of over 10,000 caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients!

* Cindy Parris, Founder of www.HealthyWeightLossConcepts.com

When Cindy joined the Bachelor’s Program, she had an amazing success story — she and 12 of her family members had lost over 7%+ pounds each and kept it off for more than a year. She was looking for a way to bring her unique diet to other people who had struggled with losing weight and keeping it off their whole lives.

Today, Cindy has customers around the world! Each one uses Cindy’s products and diets to not just lose weight but to create a healthy life! In the last few months alone, Cindy’s new customers include people from Malaysia, Philippines, UK, US, and Canada.


At the beginning of your Leverage Session, we will ask you questions to help us understand your goals for the next 1 to 3 years.

We will also ask you questions to better understand where you are at right now. Be prepared to show us your website, tell us how you make money now (if at all), and estimate how much traffic you get right now (if at all).

Once we know more about who you are, what your business is about, and where you want to go, we will then help you craft a plan that can take you from where you’re at to where you want to be!

During our conversation, you are free to ask ANY questions you have about building a business including mindset questions, time management questions, SEO, traffic, social media, joint ventures, etc.

There is no topic that is not fair game for our call!

If at the end of the call you are Coachable, Positive, and going in a direction that has you both making money in your business AND making a difference (either for your customers or for the world), we will extend an invitation for you to come into either the Elite Leverage Mastermind (prerequisite:  gross revenue of $50,000 or more) or the DU Bachelor’s Program (as long as you have an idea for business, you’re ready for the Bachelor’s Program!).  Both are open By Invitation Only.

We will then discuss ways in which you can take care of your tuition. You will be expected to take care of the down-payment within 24 hours of completing our call. If you are not a good fit for one of our other programs as a first step.  More than likely, this will be Motivation to Profits.

No matter which next step fits you best, you will leave the Leverage Session with much more clarity about how to go from where you are to where you want to be in the next 1 to 3 years, and with a solid plan for what could take you there!


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Gina Gaudio-Graves (The JV Queen)


Jack Humphrey (The Web Bender)