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Welcome to The Leveragists JV Signup Page!

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 Thank you for joining us in helping business owners get more results, faster with the Leverage Black Book!

The Leveragists Affiliate Program is part of the Directions University affiliate program and product line.


Not only will you earn 40% on the OTO “Leverage Master Class,” $97, but you will earn commissions throughout the Leveragists and Directions University product line! We pay INSTANT commissions direct to your Paypal account on every sale!

How to sign up

STEP 1: Sign up here!

(Opens in a new tab so you don’t lose this page)

IMPORTANT! Once you’ve signed up, please be sure to “Grant Permissions” by following the instructions after you log into the affiliate program the first time. This will take your account out of “probation” and you’ll be able to get your instant commissions directly to your Paypal account.

STEP 2: After registering on DUvisio, go to The Leveragists Affiliate Marketplace and locate the Leverage Black Book & Leveragists Master Class Product.  If you go there AFTER creating your DUvisio account and logging into it, you’ll see your affiliate link right under the product name!

Look for this product in the marketplace once logged in for your affiliate link:



If you have any questions, just ask!

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the leverage black book


Look for this image in the Leveragists Affiliate Marketplace


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gina-gaudio-graves-250x250 copy2

Gina Gaudio-Graves (The JV Queen)

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Jack Humphrey (The Web Bender)


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