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Here's what you need to do next:

  • Sign up for your 90-day access to DUvisio Enterprise membership. (Also gets you access to Motivation to Profit for 90 days.)
  • Mark your calendar! We're kicking off the next 30-Day Thrival Challenge August 22 at 7 PM est. Details coming to your inbox.
  • Take lesson _________ in Motivation to Profit before attending the first session of the Thrival Challenge.

More Instructions...

On this sales page, we're not beating around the bush. Right at the top, there's a product image and some points that set your product apart. However, even though this is a very product-focused page, keep in mind that people buy solutions, not products.

​With that in mind, use this text section to describe the problem your ideal customer has. Some frustration that might arise from using a competing product, for example.

The most important point here is that you can relate to the problem that your visitor is trying to solve.​

“Use a quote like this to add some visual variety to the text section - and to make an important point. The way the text is highlighted means it will get more attention than the regular paragraphs.”

How much time you want to spend on the pain points your visitor experiences depends on the product you're selling. For this template, we're going to transition from problems to solutions after just a short text section.