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How Fast Would You Like To Achieve The BIGGEST Goal You've Ever Had For Your Business?

Learn How To Drastically Close The Gap Between Today And That Goal!

There is Mystery Surrounding People Who Have Mastered The Art of Leverage...

Why is it that some people hit their traffic and sales goals like a SpaceX rocket? What do they know that you don't - and how fast can you learn their secrets?

Most "experts" would have you believe that the people around you who are getting massive amounts of traffic and sales are simply hard workers. But you work hard and you aren't going as fast as you'd like, so there's got to be something else to it, right?

Well, yes, you're absolutely right. And today you're finding out just what the secret is!

The missing ingredient that is not always evident when you're trying to figure out how some people around you go BIG really quickly is, or course, leverage. But what does that mean?

It means they've found ways to accelerate their business growth by amplifying their message across the web with a very specific leverage strategy.

Harness the Power Of Leverage and Watch Your Business Take Off...BIG Time!

We could tell you that the way to drastically increase your traffic and sales is to simply work harder, put your nose to the grindstone, and a bunch of other silly puffery that means nothing, really.

What we do instead is show you how to get in front of large audiences and groups of your most perfect customers without building a web presence from the ground up. There is a really big difference between what you've been told to do to build your business and what Leveragists do to obliterate the amount of time spent getting up to very significant sales goals.

Yes, you'll learn a great deal about this by reading The Leverage Black Book. But there is a difference between reading about how to apply leverage strategy and actively applying it. 

It's not impossible to do very big things with what you learn in the book. It's just not going to be as fast as when you're in a group of Leveragists and can get questions answered quickly in order to keep moving. And questions you will have!

And that's where the Leverage Power Pack comes in extremely handy...

Learn The Leveragist Craft With Deep Leverage Training.

Run With The Pack In The Private Leveragists Group on Facebook.

Grow Much Faster With Guidance From Peers and  Jack and Gina!

Leveraged Marketing Existed Long Before All The Gimmicks People Sell These Days...

How do you know when something is real and true? One way is to check your gut. Leverage makes sense because it is simple to understand. There's nowhere to hide half-truths in a simple thing. And leveraged marketing pre-dates all the weird, empty calorie marketing tactics people are selling us these days.

When you're not moving as fast as you want to go, it is very tempting to buy little shiny tools and tricks that seem to take the sting out of your situation. How many times have you bought stuff on a big promise to solve your traffic and sales problem once and for all, only to find that, yet again, you've only been told a piece of the truth?

It's time to finally break that cycle - not only to save you time and money, but to finally realize the promise of having a healthy business full of customers along with a lifestyle that makes it all worth it in the first place! 

Imagine what it will feel like, just a short time from now, when IT finally happens. That attention you've been craving that leads to sales, a big list, and a healthy social fan base. That's waiting for you once you take the next step in your success evolution!

To succeed as a Leveragist who gets all the traffic, leads, and sales you want, you need to focus on 3 things:

  • Your solution. What's the big problem your product or service solves and what can it do to serve your audience once they find you and get to know about your solution?
  •  The Highest Point of Leverage.  Look, always, for the highest point of leverage in every decision you make for your business. There is always a big leverage play in every part of your marketing from social to search to what we call "stage diving" into other peoples' established audiences.
  • Once you understand just how powerful this is, you'll want to get a move on! You're not going to want to move 50% faster toward your biggest goal for your business. You are going to want to run flat-out and obliterate the distance between today and being set for life!

This Could Be The Moment In Time That You Think Of Fondly As The Time Things Turned Around For You!

Everyone we've ever interviewed on our long-running Leverage Masters podcast has a story to tell about when everything really started rolling for them and their businesses.

That time, for you, could be now. One day in the not-too-distant future you could be on an interview telling listeners that it all started once you learned and applied deep leverage in your business.

That Can Be Your Story, If You Really Want It...

One of the keys to success is learning how to look outside the "rules" that everyone else is following and bending them to your will to achieve your goals much faster than everyone else. It is not a question of whether you will succeed. It is only a question of when!

So Would Now Be A Good Time For Your Business To Take Off? It Can With The Leveragist's Total Package!

How To Ramp Up Your Traffic And Sales Really Quickly...

The Leveragist's Total Package has everything you need, from training to support to getting connected...

  1. The Leverage Master Class: 8 Expert Modules from Jack Humphrey, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Scott Manning, David Bullock, and Stephanie Frank!
  2. 90 Days of Motivation to Profit: 44 Modules on literally every single thing you need to know about running a leveraged Lifestyle Business from the ground up!
  3. The Leveragists Private Facebook Group: Get right in the thick of things with fellow Leveragists-in-training and Gina & Jack helping you with any questions you have and lots of networking for leverage plays!

See what some of our customers have to say:

"How to show up and make a difference in the world..."

"Some of the smartest decisions we've made is #1 joining a mastermind group."

Natalie Ledwell

"Listen to Jack. Listen to Gina. You couldn't find a better community than this!"

"I get sales daily now...wherever I'm at. Gina saw the possibilities. We now have people subscribed into our programs from 32 countries!"

Robert Talltree

The Leverage Master Class Sessions

  • The Vortex Business Model. What is it? How is it far more leveraged and powerful than other business models? What is your Vortex Story?
  •  Targeting Your Ideal Customer.  Who is your Avatar? How do you find them? Where are they hanging out?
  •  8 Big Money Breakthroughs of Leverage. This one is worth 10x the price of the entire Leverage Power Pack! Our most requested and downloaded session, by far, in our library!
  • Story Leverage (David Bullock). About story, media, and the internet. The four critical stories every business owner must know!
  •  Time Management on Steroids (Stephanie Frank).  What's on your plate now and how can you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on your business? (This is GOLD! And it's another of our most popular sessions!
  •  Creating Your Products for MAXIMUM Leverage. Turning a webinar series into a true event, gaining leverage through your courses, and how to throw a hugely successful webinar.
  • Integration Marketing. Learn about the most powerful way to leverage your time, your reach, leads and sales known to mankind! Sales on autopilot. Take the marketing our of marketing and have people sending you leads and sales 24/7 without any work on your part after setting one up!
  •  Content Marketing Leverage Editorial Calendar.  Learn how to put an editorial calendar together that not only organizes your content marketing but blasts your content out to multiple channels and squeezes every drop of leverage from every piece of content you create!

This Master Class Normally Sells for $247 at Directions University!

90 Days Full Access to Motivation to Profit!

Here are the outcomes you can expect from the lessons in Motivation to Profit...

  • You will build a bigger list of leads and subscribers.
  • You will have more customers and sales, growing every month.
  • You will make more money with your business.
  • You will become crystal clear on not only your business goals, but your lifestyle goals, making them one unit working together.
  • You will actually work LESS and get MORE done.
  • You will be able to vacation and your business can GROW while you're away.
  • You will have people coming to you to help you with your vision, products, services.
  • You will have people sending you customers, gladly and voluntarily.
  • You will be able to get attention from your ideal "Avatar" for your products/services in many different, low-effort ways.
  • You will begin to live the dream life you've always wanted, while your business simply supplies the financial means to do so.
  • You will see a marked increase in traffic to your website - from sources you're already used to getting traffic from (only much more of it now) and from new sources you never expected.
  • You will be recognized as a thought leader and authority in your market - someone people listen to and want to hear more from.
  • You will attract joint venture partners easily.
  • You will have a secure, professional, REAL business strategy with parts that work together to release you from "working" all the time, while making you more money.
  • You will have time to do good in the world. To give back through the success of your business.
  • You will get on track to leave a legacy that continues long after you're no longer here.
  • You will know more about how business really works (and how leverage is applied masterfully) than you could ever imagine.
  • You will gain the power to move people with your words for reliable outcomes.
  • You will be able to eliminate your overwhelm and scatter and instead get FOCUS on what's important so that you can make decisions with ease!
  • You will create customers who are excited to buy from you again and again (instead of customers who buy once and then only show up to whine and complain).

Again, you can't just take the course and make all the above come true for you. But if you apply what you learn and use the software and other tools, the outcomes above can become very real for you, very quickly! That's exciting! (And its not that hard - no part of Motivation to Profit is more difficult than low to intermediate experience level!)

90 Days of Motivation to Profit is Normally $141.00

The Private Leveragists Facebook Group!

Gain access to our private Facebook group "The Leveragists" and maximize your leverage with our members!

Nothing puts you in a better position to succeed than being able to ask questions and create leverage with others who love growing their lifestyle businesses!


The Leverage Black Book Webinar With Jack and Gina

  • Immediately get access to a fast-start webinar for The Leverage Black Book!

  • The authors will take you through the major ideas behind the book and get you focused and pumped to put massive leverage into your business!


Free Strategy Session with Jack or Gina!

  • Our strategy sessions are service-based and focused on how you can bring leverage into your business immediately!

  • We will identify quickly where you can replace heavy, time consuming work with easy, exponentially more effective leverage plays throughout your business.

  • Details on signing up for your strategy session are inside!

The Leverage Power Pack Is Valued at Over $1,000! 

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Ramp Up Your Success With This Easy Decision To Become A Leveragist!

*Motivation to Profit is free for 90 days. $47 per month thereafter once you see that it's worth every single penny.

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"This is very exciting!!!"

"Hi everyone. This course is something that I’ve been looking for for a long time. I’ve researched the internet for absolutely hours over the past 4 to 5 months, to land up here. Thanks to Lance Hood and of course Gina – thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. I can finally see my internet business online."

Terry MacMenigall

"I can’t wait for the next lesson – do we really have to wait?"

"I eagerly plowed through lesson one and have completed my goal setting (which was already in the works). I KNOW I will succeed (I do succeed at anything I put effort into), I AM willing to do whatever is required (I’ve never been accused of being lazy) and I can not only see my success – I can taste it!!"


Carrie Tucker,

The Only Other Choice Is To Build Your Business The Hard Way...

The way you're building your business now isn't cutting it. It's not fast enough and at this rate it will be many more months if not more than a year before you see significant traction in your market, enough traffic and enough sales.

Luckily you have a choice. You can speed up every aspect of building a strong business that will set you up for life if you learn about and use our leverage tactics.

A Business Without Leverage Is Just A Job!

The Lifestyle Business you've been dreaming about is just a click, some learning, and some application away! There's nothing to this decision as it is 1) Affordable and 2) It truly serves you to get to the next level quickly!

The Leverage Power Pack Is Valued at Over $1,000! 

Yours for only $97, TODAY ONLY!

Ramp Up Your Success With This Easy Decision To Become A Leveragist!

*Motivation to Profit is free for 90 days. $47 per month thereafter once you see that it's worth every single penny.

*You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Leveragists, the Leverage Master Class, and The Leveragists Facebook Group included with your $97 payment today!

"You've got the business, the product, and the ability to serve your market. Now all you need is to inject serious leverage into it and watch it grow!”


~ Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey - The Leveragists!​

P.S.: This is a one-time offer which may not be repeated! The regular price for all of these courses and bonuses is much higher than $97. The Leveragists can change and remove this offer at any time. Now is the time to jump on this!